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Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Fasana-e Azad Serial Fictions (2017) Jennifer Dubrow South Asian, Urdu, Novel/Prose Fiction, Textual Studies
Cover of the Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics (2017) Zev Handel Chinese, Linguistics, Writing Systems
Teika cover Teika:  The Life and Works of a Medieval Japanese Poet (2017) Paul S. Atkins Japanese, Premodern Asian Studies, Literary Criticism, Literature, Medieval, Poetry and Poetics, Reception Studies, Textual Studies
Integrated Chinese Textbook, Workbook, and Character Workbook (2016) Nyan-Ping Bi Chinese
"Parallel world toshite no 90nendai gay zasshi." (2016) Christopher J. Lowy Queer Studies
"An Illness Called Criticism." (2016) Christopher J. Lowy Japanese, Critical Theory, Culture, East Asian, Literary Criticism, Popular Culture, Translation and Interpretation
"The World After Dark Tourism." (2016) Christopher J. Lowy Japanese, Aesthetics, Art History, Critical Theory, Culture, East Asian, Intellectual History, Translation and Interpretation
Chinese reading development among young learners (2016) Chan Lu Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Writing Systems
Cho, Heekyoung. "Review of Tong-asia kŭndaechisik kwa pŏnyŏk ŭi chihyŏng (EastAsian modern knowledge and the topography of translation)" (2016) Heekyoung Cho Comparative Literature, Translation and Interpretation
Cho, Heekyoung. “The Webtoon: A New Form for Graphic Narrative” (2016) Heekyoung Cho Japanese, Korean, 21st Century, Comics, Popular Culture, Visual Culture
Title page of Comparative Literature Studies A Space for Debate: Fashioning the Urdu Novel in Colonial India (2016) Jennifer Dubrow Urdu, 19th Century, Comparative Literature, Literature, Novel/Prose Fiction
"Transreligious and Intercommunal": Hindustani Music in Classical and Contemporary North India (2016) Michiko Urita South Asian, Hindi, Music
Translation's Forgotten History Translation’s Forgotten History: Russian Literature, Japanese Mediation, and the Formation of Modern Korean Literature (2016) Heekyoung Cho Korean, 20th Century, East Asian, Translation and Interpretation
“Kagura Hikyoku: Comparing the Mikagura Rites Held at the Shikinen Sengū of  Ise Jingū and at the Enthronement Ceremony of the Imperial Sanctuary.” (2016) Michiko Urita Japanese, Music
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: Curriculum Design and Instructor (2015) Nyan-Ping Bi Chinese
Cats With Flaming Tails: The Simile of the Fortified City in Pāli and Gāndhārī Sūtra Literature (2015) Buddhist Studies, South Asian, Literature, Rhetoric and Composition
"Introduction to Genron 1: Criticism in Contemporary Japan I." (2015) Christopher J. Lowy Japanese, Critical Theory, Intellectual History, Literary Criticism
“Punitive Scholarship: Postwar Interpretations of Shinto and Ise Jingū.” (2015) Michiko Urita Japanese
Khvaja Haider Ali 'Atish' Encyclopedia Article on Khvaja Haider Ali 'Atish' (2015) Jennifer Dubrow Urdu, 19th Century, Literature, Poetry and Poetics
Sacred Sikh Literature (2014) Michael C. Shapiro South Asian, 17th Century, Linguistics, Philosophy, Religion
Reference Guide (2014) Chinese, Literature and Other Arts, Medieval
Cosmopolitan Soirées in Eighteenth-Century North India: Reception of early Urdu Poetry in Kishangarh.  (2014) Heidi Pauwels South Asian, Urdu, Poetry and Poetics
The Realism Debate and the Politics of Modern Art in Early Postwar Japan (2014) Justin Jesty Japanese, 20th Century, Art History, History, Intellectual History, Visual Arts
Observations on the Deorkothar Inscriptions and Their Significance for the Evaluation of Buddhist Historical Traditions. (2014) Richard G. Salomon, Joseph A. Marino, III Buddhist Studies, South Asian, Pali and the Prakrits
Building Discourse Level Proficiency: A Graduated Approach to Teaching Geography (2013) Nyan-Ping Bi Second Language Acquisition