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People - Teaching Assistants

Most offices are in Gowen Hall. Note that room numbers beginning with "M" are on the mezzanine level, one floor above the second floor.

Please Note: TAs do not hold office hours during Finals Week and Quarter Breaks.

Teaching Assistant in Chinese

Photo Name Email Phone Office Hours
Y. Chou Chou, Ying-Hsiu 206-616-6575 GWN M224
Bo Jiang Jiang, Bo 206-616-6575 GWN M224
Grainger Lanneau Lanneau, Grainger 206-616-6575 GWN M224
Shiwei Zhou photo Zhou, Shiwei 206-616-6575 GWN M224

Teaching Assistant in Japanese

Photo Name Email Phone Office Hours
Benjamin Burton Burton, Benjamin 206-543-4685 GWN M230
B. DeTora DeTora, Benjamin 206-543-4685 GWN M230
Genevieve Hill Hill, Genevieve 206-616-0995 GWN M226
Nobuko Horikawa Horikawa, Nobuko 206-616-0995 GWN M226
Lowy, Christopher J. 206-616-0995 GWN M226
Muhamed , Fatuma 206-543-4685 GWN M230
A. Steel Steel , Aaron 206-543-4685 GWN M230
Kisaki Takeuchi Takeuchi, Kisaki 206-616-0995 GWN M226
Rie Tsujihara Tsujihara, Rie 206-543-4685 GWN M230

Teaching Assistant in Korean

Photo Name Email Phone Office Hours
Gyeol Han Han, Gyeol 206-616-6492 SMI 016
Kim, Jiyoung 206-616-6492 SMI 016
Eunmi Park Park, Eunmi 206-616-6492 SMI 016

Undergraduate Adviser