Lisa Jiang

Graduate Student in Japanese
Lisa Jiang

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B.A., Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University Tokyo, 2023

I have a diverse background, having been born in Sydney, grown up in Shanghai, spent time in Canada, and until recently I was studying in Tokyo. This multicultural upbringing has given me fluency in a myriad of languages such as Chinese, English, and Japanese. I developed a strong passion for Japanese culture and self-learning of the language which helped me greatly improve my proficiency in Japanese. I have just completed my major in Global Japanese Studies at Meiji University. I aspire to pursue my studies further at the University of Washington and hope to take my understanding of Asian Languages and Literature to the next level throughout my time there. Specifically, I am focusing on the cultural patterns of Japan and intend to explore various aspects of Japanese culture, literature, and anime, with a particular emphasis on comparing individualism and collectivism in different periods. I am also interested in comparing Chinese and Japanese literature to understand the divergences and convergences between the two cultures. My academic journey includes a strong foundation in the Japanese language and cultural nuances, as well as a desire to teach at a Japanese university in the future.