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Study Abroad - After You Return (Credit Evaluation)

When You Return

Once you arrive back in Seattle you will need to have your study abroad credits evaluated by faculty members in order to have the credits assigned to your major or minor. Credits must be evaluated and assigned UW credit before a student can graduate. Evaluations can take between 1-2 weeks to be completed. Follow the below procedure in order to get your credits evaluated through the Department of Asian Languages and Literature:

Bring to the Department Undergraduate Adviser:

  1. The Study Abroad Credit Evaluation form. The Study Abroad office will send this to you via PDF once they have received your official transcripts from your host university.
  2. A copy of your UW unofficial transcript.
  3. The syllabus, coursework and textbooks for all courses to be evaluated.
  4.  A completed request form for AL&L faculty:

Please note: If you do not have all of the above materials, it may take much longer than 2 weeks for your credits to be evaluated.

Share Your Experiences

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