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Study Abroad - After You Return (Credit Evaluation)

Once you arrive back in Seattle, you will need to have your study abroad credits evaluated by faculty members in the appropriate department. Please keep in mind that credits must be evaluated and assigned UW credit before a student can graduate. This means that if your study abroad program ends around the time you plan to graduate, it is urgent that you get your credits evaluated as soon as possible or your graduation may be delayed.

The Department of Asian Languages and Literature can evaluate the following types of classes:

  • Language classes for languages taught in our department (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Bengali, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc.)
  • Classes taught in either English or the target language having to do with the literature, linguistics, or culture of Japan, Korea, China, India, Vietnam, etc.

Please note that we cannot evaluate classes with the following descriptions:

  • Classes about history (please ask the History Department).
  • Classes about politics or music (please ask Political Science or the Jackson School of International Studies).
  • Classes about culture that do not have a literary or linguistic component (please ask the relevant department.)
  • “Japan Studies,” “China Studies,” etc. type classes (please ask the Jackson School of International Studies.)

Once all of your classes have been evaluated and you have turned in the Study Abroad Credit Evaluation Form to the Study Abroad office, your study abroad credits will appear in your transcript. This typically takes a few weeks. Once they appear, please contact an advisor in order to have the credits assigned to your major or minor. Study abroad classes often require a DARS exception in order to count towards the major. Please do not assume that everything will be OK and that you will graduate on time without taking this step.

Prepare the following documents:

  1. The Study Abroad Credit Evaluation form. The Study Abroad office will send this form to you via email once they have received your official transcripts from your host university. Email it to one of the advisors in the department.
  2. The syllabus, coursework and textbooks for all courses to be evaluated. You can upload these materials to the Study Abroad Credit Evaluation form. If you are not able to upload them, please bring hard copies to Gowen 225 directly.  
  3.  A completed request form for AL&L faculty. You may also upload this form to the Study Abroad Credit Evaluation form.

Please note: If you do not have all of the above materials, it may take much longer than 2 weeks for your credits to be evaluated. In addition, faculty absences sometimes cause delays during the summer quarter. Be sure to request your credit evaluation well in advance of any urgent deadlines if you will be requesting evaluation during summer quarter.

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