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Professor Bich-Ngoc Turner recently published a work of short fiction in the Vietnamese-language journal Nhà Văn và Cuộc Sống - Tiếng Nói của Nhà Văn Việt Nam (Journal of Authors and Life - Voices of Vietnamese Writers). The story, "Tết ở Xứ Tuyết" ("Lunar New Year in the Snowland"), was crafted as fiction, drawing inspiration from the author's own encounters during the Lunar New Year celebrations in Washington, D.C. back in 2014. Set against the backdrop of bustling city life, the… Read more
The work of Professor Heekyoung Cho has been featured in the Winter 2024 issue of HUMANITIES: The Magazine of the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH). The article, "What Is a Relay Language?", explores Heekyoung's research into the ways in which early twentieth century… Read more
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"Asian communities in Washington are changing, and our state’s century-old Asian languages department must change as well. Comparison of the U.S. 2020 Census results with the previous 2010 Census demonstrates that Asian demographics in our state and region are undergoing dramatic changes," writes Zev Handel, professor and department chair of Asian languages and literature at the UW.… Read more
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ASIAN 498 B (SLN 10556) is a 5-credit course offered Winter 2024, jointly taught by Heidi Pauwels and Olga Levaniouk. The course explores two epics, the Iliad and the Mahābhārata. There are no prerequisites and no previous knowledge of the Iliad or the Mahābhārata is assumed. Open to all majors. Learn more about the course from the informational flyer and check out the course promo video.
Professor Ted Mack (Japanese literature) has won the first ever Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for East Asian Studies for his book Acquired Alterity: Migration, Identity, and Literary Nationalism from the Modern Language Association (MLA). The MLA's official award citation can be found… Read more
The Paper Tigers is a 2020 martial arts action comedy filmed on location in Seattle and Shoreline. Bao Tran, Al’n Duong, and Yuji Okumoto, the director and producers of the film, will be making a special personal appearance at “East Asian Martial Arts Film” (ASIAN 207 / CMS 272), a course co-taught by Profs. Yomi Braester and Chris Hamm. The trio will share their experiences and perspectives as industry insiders, Asian-American filmmakers, and torch-bearers for the genre of martial arts cinema… Read more
The recently established Hanuma and Anuradha Kodavalla Endowed Chair in Telugu in the Department of Asian Languages and Literature is featured on the College of Arts and Sciences news page. Read the story here!
The Origins of the South Korean Film Renaissance Conference, a UW-Lingnan joint conference, was held at M+ in Hong Kong on Nov 02-04, 2023. The conference is co-organized by Asian L&L Assistant Professor Ungsan Kim and Lingan University's Associate Professor Sangjoon Lee. A comprehensive conference dedicated to the South Korean film culture of the 1990s and 2000s, the event invited 33 speakers and chairs, including Asian L&L Professor Chris Hamm, Associate Professor Heekyoung Cho,… Read more
Kishangarh, a small principality in Rajasthan, India is famous for its gorgeous paintings of the world of the divine pair Radha and Krishna. Krishna and Radha, from "Krishna with Gopis on a Riverbank," India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh, circa 1750-1775They are often illustrative of the devotional poetry of the men of the royal family, such as Nagaridas, who are famous. But the women were no less accomplished authors. Anjali Yadav, graduate student in Asian L&L, is… Read more
"My parents had always encouraged me to go to college but as an Autistic kid from the middle of nowhere, I thought I wouldn’t be able to succeed in higher education and was destined for a small-town life. It wasn’t until Mr. Sugitan, my 10th grade English teacher, pushed the class to consider college and took our class on a field trip to UW that I could see myself succeeding in a big university like UW. Thanks to his encouragement, I dedicated myself to going to a university, preferably UW." -… Read more