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Professor Atkins and Mr. Saburi The 2018 Graduation and Awards Ceremony June 12, 2018
Bronze Lion Statue at Taihe Gate, Forbidden City. Photo by Chan Lu Asian Languages and Literature Heads to Beijing for Summer Study Abroad March 21, 2018
Northeast Vietnam Cultural History and Landscape Study Abroad Seminar: August 19 - September 10, 2018 Asian Languages & Literature Offers New Summer Study Abroad Program in Vietnam February 28, 2018
text Watch: Prof. Zev Handel delivers the 71st Societas Koreana Lecture on "The Hidden Influence of Chinese Characters and Words on Korean Vocabulary and Writing" January 3, 2018
"Mobilizing Krishna's World" by Heidi R. M. Pauwels, published by the University of Washington Press Professor Heidi Pauwels publishes Mobilizing Krishna's World December 15, 2017
Memory Construction and Emotion in India, Past and Present Memory Construction and Emotion in India, Past and Present November 12, 2017
VIDEO: Dramatic recital of The Tale of the Heike October 31, 2017
Thai temple in Phuket Instruction in Thai to end Spring 2018 October 10, 2017
Indonesia: Past, Present, and Future flyer Indonesia: Past, Present, and Future October 2, 2017
A growing number of students are majoring in an Asian language and pursuing a career in the health sciences. From Kanji to Cardiology: A Student's Journey September 22, 2017
Carol Salomon interviewing a Baul guru in Bangladesh Posthumous Publication of Carol Salomon's City of Mirrors August 18, 2017
Hirokazu Koreeda visited the University of Washington in May Acclaimed Director Hirokazu Koreeda Visits the University of Washington August 5, 2017
UW Fulbright Scholars, 2017-18 Two Asian Languages & Literature Students Receive Fulbrights August 5, 2017
Seen Not Heard conference group photo Zev Handel Presents on Chinese Characters at University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute August 5, 2017
Invited researchers at the literacy and education panel in Beijing. Chan Lü Participates in Beijing Panel on Literacy and Education July 29, 2017
Samuel Shepherd Annual AL&L Convocation and Awards Ceremony Celebrates Graduating Students June 28, 2017
2016-2017 new graduate students Meet Our New Graduate Students, 2016-2017 June 19, 2017
Reiko Yamanaka Dr. Reiko Yamanaka, Expert on Noh Drama, Visits University of Washington as Visiting Scholar May 31, 2017
Dr. Junko Mori Andrew L. Markus Memorial Lecture: Junko Mori on Translingual Competence and Asian Language Education May 26, 2017
Korean Teacher Asian Languages and Literature is seeking a Korean Language Full-time Lecturer or Senior Lecturer May 19, 2017
Liviana Zheng, Juliana Wijaya, and Desiana Pauli Sandjaja. Three 'Kartinis' in the USA May 10, 2017
Dante text The Humanities Get Personal May 1, 2017
Shizu Usami performs calligraphy at the second annual Sakura-kai Dept. of Asian Languages & Literature and the East Asia Library Host Second Annual Sakura-kai March 30, 2017
UW to celebrate Sakura-kai Cherry Blossom Festival Wednesday March 27, 2017
Asian Languages & Literature Career Panel AL&L Career Panel Helps Students Put Language Skills to Work March 13, 2017