The department offers first-year, second-year, third-year Vietnamese, and Accelerated Vietnamese Reading and Writing. Students may also take courses in Special Topics in Vietnamese and Special Studies in Vietnamese. Please see the UW Course Catalog for course descriptions and Courses for class offerings per quarter, as well as the Vietnamese Program overview (PDF).

Viet 111, 112, 113: Skill building
Elementary Vietnamese classes, offered to those with minimal knowledge or no prior exposure to Vietnamese language.

Elementary Vietnamese (100 Level) Skill Building

Viet 211, 212, 213: Skill development
Intermediate Vietnamese classes, offered to those who can read and write basic Vietnamese passages with tones and marks.

Intermediate Vietnamese (200 Level) Skill Development

Viet 311, 312, 313: Skill enhancement
Advanced Vietnamese classes, offered to those who can listen to and read authentic Vietnamese texts (radio, TV, newspapers), speak and write at ease about common social issues.

Advanced Vietnamese (300 Level) Skill Enhancement

Viet 214: Heritage Vietnamese-Accelerated Reading and Writing

Viet 214 is primarily offered to Vietnamese heritage students who regularly speak the language at home or within the local Vietnamese communities. Students who have sucessfully completed Viet 113 or equivalent are also eligible. 

Heritage Vietnamese

Viet 499: Research in Vietnamese
Upper advance Vietnamese classes with a focus on reading primary, authentic documents in Vietnamese or conversing about specialized topics in Vietnamese studies. This course is offered to undergraduate and graduate students with an approved senior thesis/dissertation proposal relating to the study of Vietnam.

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