Professor Bich-Ngoc Turner Publishes Short Story in Vietnamese Journal

Submitted by Ben Rost on

Professor Bich-Ngoc Turner recently published a work of short fiction in the Vietnamese-language journal Nhà Văn và Cuộc Sống - Tiếng Nói của Nhà Văn Việt Nam (Journal of Authors and Life - Voices of Vietnamese Writers). The story, "Tết ở Xứ Tuyết" ("Lunar New Year in the Snowland"), was crafted as fiction, drawing inspiration from the author's own encounters during the Lunar New Year celebrations in Washington, D.C. back in 2014. Set against the backdrop of bustling city life, the protagonist, Hà, hails from Hà Nội, her roots deeply embedded in Vietnamese culture. However, her life now unfolds in a bicultural, bilingual existence in the United States. With each passing year, as the Lunar New Year coincides with the regular flow of American workdays, Hà finds herself immersed in a whirlwind of emotions. Memories of her childhood festivities, the tantalizing aroma of traditional dishes, and poignant recollections of her late mother flood her mind with a mix of sorrow and nostalgia. Amidst these reflections, she grapples with the intricate nuances of cultural appropriation and the delicate balance of navigating multiple cultural identities.

Read the story here