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Vazir Khan Masjid Lahore
Senior Lecturer
Professor and Department Chair
Associate Professor, Japanese Program Coordinator
S. Bradley
Graduate Student in Chinese Studies
Y. Chou
Graduate Student in Chinese Language and Literature
Assistant Professor
Graduate Student in Chinese, Teaching Assistant in Chinese
Associate Professor
Adjunct Professor; Professor of Anthropology, Curator of Asian Ethnology at the Burke Museum
Assistant Professor
Professor Emeritus of Chinese
Graduate Student in Chinese, Teaching Assistant in Chinese
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Chinese Literature
Assistant Professor


Publications, Books



Title Date Time Location
How in Heaven’s Name: A Novel of World War Two by Cho Chŏngnae
Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton
Sep 28 3:00pm Montlake Library
Model or Mirror: Translating American Literature in Japan
Motoyuki Shibata, University of Tokyo, Editor - "Monkey Business"
May 20 3:30pm Savery Hall 168
Between Writing and Publishing Letters: A Letter for Claiming Book Proprietorship
Suyoung Son, University of Colorado-Boulder
Apr 18 3:30pm Savery Hall 136
Reading and Writing Material: Koda Aya's "Kimono"
Michiko Suzuki, Indiana University
Apr 11 5:00pm to 6:30pm Communications 202
The Story of the Stone and the Art of Deceiving in the Manchu Court, 1723-1796
Wei Shang, Du Family Professor of Chinese Culture, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University
Mar 6 3:30pm Communications 202
Reiterations of the Real in Colonial Korean Literature
Christopher P. Hanscom, University of California, Los Angeles
Mar 4 3:30pm Thomson Hall 317


Title Date Time
Book Talk: "Manufacturing Modern Japanese Literature"
Ted Mack, University of Washington
Dec 7