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Graduate Programs

The Department of Asian Languages and Literature offers a variety of graduate degree programs in literature and linguistics. The department ranks among the best in the country for graduate studies. Its reputation for rigorous scholarship and academic quality make it an excellent choice for the pursuit of a graduate degree.

The Department's graduate programs provide professional training in the description, analysis, and critical interpretation of Asian languages and literary texts. The Department seeks to develop in its students a solid competence in and sensitivity to language and text, as well as an understanding of appropriate literary, linguistic, or cultural theory. There are several research areas in which the Department has achieved particular renown. These include the following: literary history, analysis, and interpretation; linguistics; philology; epigraphy, paleography, and the history of writing systems; religious studies; and language pedagogy.

The department offers the following degree programs:

Graduate students also have the option to do a joint-doctoral program with the Comparative Literature Department at UW Seattle in Textual Studies or Theory and Criticism

You can find detailed information about these programs by selecting one of the links above. You may also want to consult the department faculty list for information on the research interests of faculty members.

Graduate students in Asian languages who desire professional training in foreign language teaching may also earn UW's Graduate Certificate in Second/Foreign Language Teaching.

Prospective students should consult our Admissions Guidelines.

Current students may want to consult our Guides and Policies for Current Graduate Students.

For general information on graduate studies at the University of Washington, visit the Graduate School web site.