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Graduate Student Guides and Policies

Welcome graduate students in Asian Languages & Literature!

Graduate Student Association

The AL&L Graduate Student Association is the departmental organization representing all AL&L graduate students. It participates in a number of departmental and university-wide functions, as follows:

  1. Departmental Representatives participate in the university Graduate and Professional Student Senate meetings.
  2. Student Representative attend the AL&L Departmental Faculty Meetings.
  3. Treasurer: The graduate student body has a specific fund with a bank account. This fund is independent from the AL&L departmental finance and is to support the graduate students in the department in the areas of conference travel, Graduate Student Colloquium, computer maintenance, and other expenses relevant to the common good of the AL&L graduate student body.
  4. Annual Book Sale: This is a two-day event, taking place usually in the Spring Quarter. During the Book Sale, donated new or used books related to our field of study will be sold at a low price first to our own students then to the general public. These books, including materials on non-paper media, are donated by UW faculty members, former graduates, friends, students who have just finished their degree programs, and even current students.
  5. Annual Graduate Student Colloquium: This is held every year typically during the Winter Quarter so as to not conflict with the Spring Quarter Book Sale. The colloquium provides graduate students the chance to share research results and collaborate with one another. It further allows the organizers to have an experience planning and carrying out an event like a professional academic conference.
  6. Mentorship Program: In order to foster community, cooperation and mental well-being in our department, mentorship events are held at least once yearly - usually in the winter. Mentors, students in at least their second year at UW, stay in contact with their mentees and are available to answer their questions and concerns on a more informal basis than an academic advisor or counselor.
Interested in learning more about the Graduate Student Association? Graduate Student Constitution (PDF)

A complete list of GSA leaders can be found here.

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