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People - GSA Officers

These are the current officers of the Asian Languages & Literature Graduate Student Association.
photo of Christopher Chesbro, graduate student

GSA Chair's Advisory Council, 2021-2022

GSA Faculty Liaison, 2021-2022

Duties: This officer observes regular faculty meetings and reports pertinent information to the rest of the graduate student body.

Contact me if: You would like information about the proceedings of recent faculty meetings. You have questions about an item in a recent report on faculty meetings.

B. DeTora

GSA President, 2021-2022

GSA Mentor Program Coordinator, 2021-2022

Oversees the Mentorship Program as a whole, matches mentors and mentees, plans mentorship events, and serves as a point of reference should any questions or issues arise.

Contact me if: 1) You would like to be a part of the program, either as a mentor or mentee, 2) you are interested in the position.

Nobuko Horikawa

GSA Chair's Advisory Council, 2021-2022

GSA Treasurer, 2021-2022

Duties: This officer maintains the account balance, write checks to cover AL&L graduate student association expenses, and provide funding for travel grants.

Contact me if: You need to request funds for an AL&L graduate student event, need a check for travel funds, or need to deposit/withdraw money from our account.


Union Steward, 2021-2022

Duties: This officer attends UAW meetings and represents AL&L graduate students.

 Contact me if: 1) you are interested in this position, or 2) you have any questions regarding the UAW