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Summer Study

Summer 2020 Language Courses

We offer intensive Asian language courses in selected Asian languages that let you earn a year's worth of language credit (15 credits) in nine weeks. Classes are held DAILY from 8:30 to 1:00 (including lecture and quiz components) for the entirety of Summer Terms A and B. Each course covers roughly the same material that we offer in our equivalent nine month courses that span the entire academic year.  This summer quarter we are also offering JAPAN 102 and JAPAN 103 for 5 credits each to get you ready for second-year Japanese in Autumn 2020. 

*Please note these are preliminary schedules subject to change without notice.

  • CHINESE 134: First-year intensive for non-heritage learners
  • CHINESE 234: Second-year intensive for non-heritage learners
  • JAPAN 102: Second quarter of first-year Japanese (summer A term)
  • JAPAN 103: Third quarter of first-year Japanese (summer B term)
  • JAPANESE 134: First-year intensive
  • JAPANESE 234: Second-year intensive
  • JAPANESE 334: Third-year intensive
  • KOREAN 134: First-year intensive for non-heritage learners

For Summer registration and fee information, please visit this page.

Non-Language Classes

We will also be offering non-language classes throughout the summer: 

Summer Term A and B:

  • ASIAN 491: Internship in Teaching Asian Languages and Cultures (1 or 2 credits) - please see the FAQ and 
    internship agreement form here.
  • JAPAN 317: Chanoyu, The Japanese Culture of Tea (5 credits)

Summer Term A:

  • JAPAN 325: Introduction to Japanese Cinema (5 credits)
  • JAPAN 343: Japanese Language in Society (5 credits)

Special Instructions for those who wish to study Chinese in the Summer:

  1. You are required to fill out our online Chinese Language Evaluation Questionnaire. You need to be a registered Summer Quarter student in order to do this.
  2. After this process, one of our instructors will send you an add code via email that you will use to register for the class.
  3. Register for the appropriate Chinese language course using the online registration system as specified by the Summer Quarter. It is important that you register as soon as possible, since classes fill up quickly and add codes can be invalidated after a set period of time.