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This page on academic resources at the University of Washington is still under development. Many other types of resources, however, are available in the department and at the University.

Students who have declared a major in Asian Languages and Literature have several resources available to them for academic and general advising.  Interested and prospective students are encouraged to contact the advisers for information on the major and for referrals to faculty members who might be available to discuss goals and plans.

Financing Your Education
For information on ways to finance your studies at the University of Washington, please see our Funding Resources for Students page.

Undergraduates in particular should investigate the Office of Financial Aid which offers workstudy jobs. The Career Center also offers a free resource for UW students and alumni to search for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

Studying Abroad
The Department also has information about study abroad opportunities.

After the University
Although the Department of Asian Languages and Literature does not provide career placement counseling, the University of Washington has extensive resources for alumni and prospective graduates, both undergraduate and graduate students. Please visit the Career Center for more information.

Also, check out a useful online resume review tool.

Visiting Scholars
Individuals who are interested in becoming Visiting Scholars in the Department should consult our Departmental Guidelines.

Translating/Tutoring Services
Please note that the Department of Asian Languages and Literature is unable to offer commercial translating or tutoring services or make recommendations concerning such services.


Other UW Departments and Resources

For Faculty and Staff
Departmental policies, procedures and forms; information on faculty meetings and departmental committees.

For Teaching Assistants
Guides and resources for departmental teaching assistants.

For Graduate Students
Guides, policies, and resources for our graduate students.