For Faculty and Staff

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The Asian Languages & Literature department calendar of events and important deadlines is on Google, and is updated throughout the year:

  • To view the calendar as a webpage: Asian L&L Events Calendar. Visit the help pages from Google and from Outlook for more information on how to subscribe to Google calendars and view them alongside your own calendar. 
  • To download the department's At-a-Glance 2023-2024 academic calendar: Asian L&L At-a-Glance Calendar [PDF]. Note that this calendar contains only recurring annual events, is finalized and circulated at the beginning of the academic year, and is not updated.

Department Email Lists

The following are the email lists for the department. 

  • Asian L&L Graduate Students:
    Announcements of likely interest to our graduate students. This is a moderated list. The Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC), Administrator, Academic Counselor, and Chair can post directly.
  • Faculty:
    Unmoderated list of all Asian L&L faculty, excluding emeritus, adjunct, and affiliate faculty. Includes Administrator and Academic Counselor.
  • Graduate Faculty:
    Unmoderated list of all Asian L&L graduate faculty, plus Administrator and Academic Counselor.
  • Undergraduate Majors:
    Announcements of likely interest to our declared undergraduate major students. This is a moderated list. The Undergraduate Education Coordinator, Administrator, and Academic Counselor can post directly.
  • Asia Talk Mailing List:
    Moderated list of Asia-related announcements of interest to the community. Open subscription via the AsiaTalk signup page.
  • Teaching Assistants:
    Announcements and other work-related communications to our graduate teaching assistants. This is a moderated list. The Administrator and Academic Counselor can post directly.

Downloadable Forms and Documents

Faculty Meetings

Departmental Committees

Departmental Stationery

Health and Fire Safety Documents

  • Gowen Hall Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan (September 2023) (PDF)
  • Health and Safety Plan (August 2020) (PDF)

Travel Forms 

Instructor-related materials

*Note: Contact the Graduate Program Advisor at for any TA-related forms. 

Hourly Student Information

 For Faculty Hiring Hourly Students 

1. Please review the following websites as necessary before hiring: 

2. Fill out: Hourly Student Appointment Request form
*Please note that this request must be approved by the department chair before submission. 
If your request has not been approved yet, please inform the Department Administrator (asianlladmin@uw.edubefore filling out this form.

For Hourly Student Employees

  • International Students: Please review International Student Website
  • All student employees should see their hourly appointment in Workday within two weeks of their hire date. Once your appointment is visible in Workday, you should submit your timesheet through Workday. For information on submitting your timesheet see: Time Reporting 
  • If you do not see your appointment in Workday within that two week time-frame, please contact the Department Administrator.