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Department Guidelines


  • Fill out an attestation in WorkDay every time before coming to campus. (More information here.)
  • If you have any symptoms, stay home. Do not come to campus. 
  • COVID-19 Resources

MAIN OFFICE (GWN 225) : The Main Office, in Gowen 225, is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. **Please keep in mind staff are working remotely during Autumn 2020.**

SECURITY: All offices and copy rooms should be locked when unoccupied. Valuables such as purses, wallets and other valuables should be on your person or locked securely. The University assumes no liability for loss of personal property, including your mail.  Any unusual circumstances such as broken windows, lost or stolen property, and presence of suspicious individuals should be reported as soon as possible to the University Police, 911, and the Department Administrator, Youngie Yoon (6-7428), Gowen Hall 225.

If you detect an emergency of any kind, please report it:

  • Fire or Smoke – If an alarm has not already sounded, pull the manual fire alarm, then evacuate.  If a pull station is not nearby, call 911.
  • Violence, Criminal Activity or Suspicious Behavior – Call the UW Police Department at 911.  If you are calling from a cell phone, ask to be transferred to UWPD.
  • Water – Flooding should be reported immediately to Facilities Services at 206-685-1900.
  • Elevator Entrapment – Call Facilities Services at 206-685-1900.
  • Power Outage – Call Facilities Services at 206-685-1900.
  • Other Utility Outages or Interruptions – Call Facilities Services at 206-685-1900.

GOWEN HALL: Outside doors are unlocked from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday throughout autumn 2020. The building is locked on weekends and holidays. Custodial Services is responsible for locking/unlocking the doors at the appropriate times.

SMITH HALL: Outside doors are unlocked from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday throughout autumn 2020. The building is locked on weekends and holidays. Custodial Services is responsible for locking/unlocking the doors at the appropriate times.

KEYS: All keys for Asian Languages and Literature are obtained from the Asian Languages and Literature Main Office (GWN 225). Key borrowers must first sign a Key Holder Agreement Form (PDF). All keys checked out to the borrower must be returned upon termination. See the complete Building and Facilities Key Policies on the "For Faculty and Staff" page.

SMOKING: Smoking is banned in all University of Washington buildings.

BUILDING SAFETY: Gowen Hall has limited electrical capacity due to the age of the building. Please refrain from bringing personal household appliances to work and please refrain from using any appliances not provided or approved by UW Facilities.

Our goal is to provide a safe working environment for all employees in the facility, including safe electrical infrastructure in the building as outlined by the Household Appliances in the Workplace Policy which aims to prevent overloading the system, preventing a failure of circuit breakers on the floors and, most importantly, to prevent fire in the workplace.  Using electrical appliances not designed for commercial use can cause potential safety hazards, business interruptions, and damage to office equipment or property. Prevention of fire and safety hazards is everyone’s duty and employees must remove all items that do not comply from the building.

Safety is the responsibility of every employee and you can help us to keep your workplace environment safe. If you are in doubt about the safety of any item in the workplace, please contact Youngie Yoon. We appreciate your cooperation.

MAIL: Each Asian L & L faculty member and graduate student is assigned a mailbox, located on the 2nd floor of Gowen Hall.

  • Incoming: Mail is delivered once a day before noon to Gowen Hall's mail room. Staff distributes mail to departmental mailboxes anytime between noon and 2:00pm. 
  • Outgoing: The department will pay postage for outgoing mail only if it is associated with your Asian Languages and Literature business-related activities. Outgoing mail may be placed in the labeled inbox located on the counter closest to the door of the Main Office (GWN 225). To be sure it makes the daily mail pickup, it should be in the labeled inbox before 9:00 a.m.

PAYROLL INFORMATION : University payroll schedules run on three-month cycles as follows:

  • Autumn Quarter: 9/16 to 12/15
  • Winter Quarter: 12/16 to 3/15
  • Spring Quarter: 3/16 to 6/15
  • Summer Quarter: 6/16 to 8/15 (two-month cycle since instruction is shorter)

You will be paid twice a month, on the 10th and 25th of each month (or the work day closest to these calendar dates) for which you are employed. For work performed between the 16th and the 30th/31st of the month, your paycheck will be issued on the 25th of the same month.

In special or emergency circumstances where employees may receive a paper paycheck (missing a payroll cutoff date, bank change, etc.) the check will be mailed to their home mailing address. If that is not possible, the check will be sent to the Asian L&L department for pickup.

Set up Direct Deposit in Workday!

Setting up direct deposit in Workday saves trees and supports sustainability! In addition, it’s easy to do and Workday allows pay to be deposited in up to three different bank accounts.  Just go to your Workday employee self-service (ESS) web portal by clicking on the “Sign In To Workday” button on the ISC website, choose the “pay” worklet, and follow the directions included in the payment elections quick guide or read through the more detailed payment elections user guide. (Please note that the user guide requires UW net ID login to view.)

See Youngie Yoon if you have additional questions about payroll.

PARKING PERMITS: Parking permit applications are available at Parking Services. For more information visit

DEPARTMENT PHONES: Telephones are provided by the Department only for official business.

COPY MACHINES: The Asian L & L Xerox machines are for departmental use only and are located in Gowen Hall 216A.

As a state agency, everything the University community creates (both hard and digital copies) is a record, and no record may be legally destroyed before its UW state approved retention period. Information about record retention is available through Records Management Services.

SOFTWARE COPYRIGHT POLICY: Most software available for use on computers at the University of Washington is protected by Federal copyright laws. Educational institutions are not exempt from the laws covering copyrights. In addition, software is normally protected by a license agreement between the purchaser and the software seller. The software provided through the University for use by faculty, staff, and students may only be used on computing equipment as specified in the various software licenses.

It is the policy of the University to respect the copyright protection given by Federal law to software owners. It is against University policy for faculty, staff, and students to copy or reproduce any licensed software on University computing equipment, except as expressly permitted by the specific software license. Also, faculty, staff, and students may not use unauthorized copies of software on University-owned computers or on personal computers housed in University facilities. Unauthorized use of software is regarded as a serious matter and any such use is without the consent of the University of Washington.  For more information please visit:

COPYRIGHT LAW: Except under certain special conditions, written permission of the copyright holder must be obtained for duplication of any copyrighted material for class use.  Please contact Youngie Yoon for more details.

FAX MACHINE: A departmental fax machine (206-685-4268) is provided for University-related business in the main office, Gowen Hall 225. Please contact the Assistant to the Administrator for assistance.  

INSTRUCTOR ABSENCES FROM SCHEDULED CLASS MEETINGS: In case of last minute problems or emergencies, please contact the Main Office at 206-543-4996 or via email at, so that a course cancellation notice can be posted in a timely manner. In the event of prolonged absence, please contact the Chair.

PRIVACY ACT: Posting of grades and other public disclosure of student performance is a violation of individual rights under the Privacy Act of 1974.  Do not post any items that contain student names or complete student numbers or social security numbers. For more information visit the UW IT Connect Privacy Policy.

STUDENT EVALUATIONS: The December 10, 2011 Faculty Meeting set evaluation guidelines approved by the Executive Committee after consultation with the Dean's Office.

  1. All assistant professors, senior lecturers, lecturers, and TAs must submit all courses to student evaluations.
  2. Associate professors must submit at least two courses per academic year to evaluation.
  3. Full professors must submit at least one course per academic year to student evaluation.

Faculty members: please visit the Departmental Bylaw for more information or the interdepartmental memorandum (PDF) on this matter.

PEER TEACHING GUIDELINES: The Department set out the guidelines for peer teaching reviews at the February 2011 faculty meeting. Please refer to the Peer Teaching Review Guidelines (PDF) for more information.