Minor in Vietnamese Language & Culture

A minor in Vietnamese language and culture allows students to achieve proficiency in Vietnamese language beyond the elementary level and also delve deeper into the vibrant and complex history and culture of Vietnam. Students learn to read, write, and converse in Vietnamese while learning skills for real-life interactions. They gain familiarity with Vietnam’s historical legacies and vibrant modern life through exploring Vietnamese culture including literature, music, mass media, and more. By pairing the minor with a major in the College of Arts and Sciences or a professional field, students find an advantage after graduation as they enter business and nonprofit work, STEM fields, graduate programs, and more across the globe.

Elementary Vietnamese language courses are available only in the fall quarter. Students should sign up for elementary course as early as possible in order to fulfill the minor’s language requirement. If you have previous experience with Vietnamese, see the department's information on proficiency exams and placement interviews.

Declaring a Minor in Vietnamese

Students in good academic standing may declare the minor at any time by meeting with their major adviser. Please see Undergraduate Advising’s Minor page for additional considerations about earning a minor.

Minor Requirements

This is a 30 credit minor consisting of: 

I. Language Courses:

15 credits of second and/or third-year Vietnamese language taken from: 

  • VIET 211, 212, 213 Second-year Vietnamese
  • VIET 311, 312, 313 Third-year Vietnamese

II. Area-Related Humanities or Social Sciences:

15 credits of humanities and/or social science courses offered through UW taken from the below list of approved Vietnamese-related content courses or joint-listed equivalents: 

  • AAS 395 Critical Studies of Post-Vietnam War Southeast Asian Americans: Not Just Refugees
  • AAS 402 Contemporary Asian American Literature
  • ANTH 315 Southeast Asian Civilization: Buddhist and Vietnamese
  • VIET 249: Urban Vietnam: Work and Culture
  • VIET 361/JSIS 486: Postwar Vietnam in Literature, Media, and Film
  • VIET 486: 20th Century Vietnamese Literature
  • VIET 496: Special Studies in Vietnamese
  • HSTCMP 485 Comparative Colonialism
  • HSTAS / JSIS A 221 History of Southeast Asia
  • HSTAS / JSIS A 265 The Viet Nam Wars
  • HSTAS / JSIS A 463 Southeast Asian History from 1800 to the Present
  • JSIS A 367 Southeast Asian Activism and Social Engagement

III. Requirements

  • Minimum of 15 credits from both language and culture courses listed, taken at the 300 level or above.
  • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA for courses applied to the minor.

Last updated: Fall 2020