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Vazir Khan Masjid Lahore
Senior Lecturer
Professor and Department Chair
Assistant Professor, Korean Program Coordinator
Graduate Student in Chinese, Teaching Assistant in Chinese
Genevieve Hill
Graduate Student in Japanese Literature, Teaching Assistant in Japanese
Graduate Student in Chinese, Teaching Assistant in Chinese
Graduate Student in Buddhist Studies, GPSS Representative
A. Steel
Graduate Student in Japanese Linguistics
Assistant Professor




Title Date Time Location
Japanese Novelist as Translators: From Futabatei to Murakami
Motoyuki Shibata
Feb 20 3:30pm Smith Hall 105


Title Date Time Location
Model or Mirror: Translating American Literature in Japan
Motoyuki Shibata, University of Tokyo, Editor - "Monkey Business"
May 20 3:30pm Savery Hall 168
Film Screening: "Homeland in the Borderland (Ikyo no naka no kokyo)" May 19 4:00pm Allen Auditorium
Being a Translator: My Journey to Becoming a Freelance Translator
Joseph Boxman, Graduate Student, Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington
Apr 25 3:30pm Savery Hall 131
My (Early) Career in Japanese Translation
Jamie Tokuno, UW Japanese Major Alumni
Feb 24 3:30pm Savery Hall 136


Title Date Time Location
Japanese Technical Translation
Benjamin Barrett
Feb 1 3:30pm to 5:00pm Denny 216


Title Date Time Location
"Translating Classical Urdu Poetry: Problems and Possibilities"
Jameel Ahmad, University of Washington
Feb 22 3:30pm to 5:00pm Savery 211


Title Date Time Location
"Is Akutagawa Worth Re-Translating?"
Jay Rubin, Harvard University
Oct 7 3:30pm Communications 226


Title Date Time Location
"Rose or Jade? Problems in Translating Medieval Chinese Literature"
David R. Knechtges, University of Washington
Nov 25 8:00pm Walker-Ames Room (Kane 225)