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  • Jyana S. Browne, "Creating a Public: Love Suicide on the Osaka Stage, 1703-1722."  Ph.D. dissertation, School of Drama, University of Washington, 2017. Learn more
  • Castro, Genoveva. Wājid 'Alī Shāh Plays Krishna's Stolen Flute : The Multiplicity of Voices in the King of Awadh's Dramatic Work. Seattle]: University of Washington, 2016. Learn more
  • Paul S. Atkins. "Depictions of the Kawara-no-in in Medieval Japanese Noh Drama." Asian Theatre Journal 27:1 (2010). Learn more
  • Paul S. Atkins. Revealed Identity: The Noh Plays of Komparu Zenchiku. University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies, 2006. Learn more