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  • Integrated Chinese, Volume 4, Textbook, Workbook, and Character Workbook, 4th edition (co-author), Cheng & Tsui Company, Boston, July 2018. Learn more
  • 《中文听说读写》编写理念, Yang Xiao-Desai and Ka F. Wong (Eds), Explorations in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: A Celebration of the Lifetime Achievements of Tao-Chung “Ted” Yao, Boston, Cheng and Tsui Company, May 2018. pp. 27-36 (co-author). Learn more
  • “Revisiting Performance Levels and Communicative Modalities: Reflections on TCFL Teacher Training,” Yang Xiao-Desai and Ka F. Wong (Eds), Explorations in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: A Celebration of the Lifetime Achievements of Tao-Chung “Ted” Yao, Boston, Cheng and Tsui Company, May 2018. pp. 163-168. Learn more
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