Professor Chan Lü Receives Grant for Research on Family Bilingualism

Submitted by Ben Rost on

The Department of Asian Languages & Literature's Dr. Chan Lü, Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Linguistics, recently received a grant from the Harmonious Bilingualism Network (HaBilNet) for her research into bilingualism and language development within Chinese immigrant families in the United States. The project, titled "Bilingual Parents' Parenting Styles, Family Language Use and Children's Well-being: A Case Study of Chinese Immigrant Families in the United States," investigates how immigrant parents' parenting styles, beliefs and practices about language use at home may contribute to their children's language development and their socioemotional well-being. Building on previous studies on family language policy, school-aged heritage language learners' bilingual and biliteracy development, bilingualism in the family and children's well-being, Prof. Lü's study aims to help Chinese immigrant families identify harmonious, sustainable, positive and enjoyable ways to raise their children bilingually in the United States.