Review of The Visceral Logics of Decolonization

Cover, The Visceral Logics of Decolonization
Dubrow, Jennifer. Review of Neetu Khanna, The Visceral Logics of DecolonizationCritical Inquiry (2021).

What does it mean to “feel new feelings,” asked Mulk Raj Anand in his 1935 novel Untouchable, “to be aware with a new awareness”? The Visceral Logics of Decolonization explores this question by focusing on “a dense and knotted set of relations between embodied experience and political feeling”––what the author calls “the visceral”––in the work of the Progressive Writers’ Movement, a group that sought social and political progress through literature (p. 1). Read this review in Critical Inquiry on the relationship between visceral feeling and political emancipation in the work of the Progressive Writers' Movement in South Asia.

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