Evo suyadi: Essays in Honor of Richard Salomon's 65th Birthday

"Evo suyadi: Essays in Honor of Richard Salomon's 65th Birthday." Bulletin of the Asia Institute New Series/Volume 23

Professor Richard Salomon is well known to and no doubt beloved by most everyone in the scholarly worlds of Sanskrit language studies, Indian epigraphy, Gandhāran studies, Buddhist studies, Ancient Indian dynastic history, Indo-Aryan grammatical traditions, and Indo-Aryan languages and literature—all fields to which he has made significant contributions (see www.gandhari.org) for a bibliography of Gāndhārī-related contributions).

This collection of articles in the Bulletin of the Asia Institute (Issue 23) celebrates Professor Salomon’s 65th birthday and includes reflections from former students and colleagues who worked with him during his career.

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