Vernacular Views of Aurangzeb/“Alamgir.

Pauwels, Heidi, and Anne Murphy, eds. 2018. From Outside the Persianate Center: Vernacular Views of Aurangzeb/“Alamgir.” Special  Issue of Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 28.3.

Special Issue on Mughal emperor Alamgir/Aurangzeb, viewed from regional angles and vernacular sources. Features eight articles by Allison Busch (Columbia, NY), Monika Horstmann (Heidelberg), Cynthia Talbot (U Texas Austin), Lindsey Harlan (Connecticut College), Véronique Bouillier (EHESS, Paris), Samira Sheikh (Vanderbilt), Anne Murphy (U of British Columbia, Vancouver), and Heidi Pauwels co-authored with Emilia Bachrach (Oberlin).

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