Teaching Grammar Interactively

Yu Liping, Yao Yuwen, Dai Jinhui. Teaching Grammar Interactively. Xin Xuelin, 2018. Print.

Interaction and Chinese Grammar Pedagogy is a book on teaching methodology.  It is composed of two parts: the teaching theory and the teaching practice. It guides readers to outline the possibility of interaction between the teaching practice under the guidance of teaching theory. This book hopes to build a bridge between pedagogical grammar and pedagogical research on theorizing teaching practice.

The book emphasizes from beginning to end how to complete the teaching of grammar in interaction. Yu Liping, Yao Yuwen and Dai Jinhui respectively summarized the characteristics of grammar teaching in elementary, intermediate, advanced levels and content-based teaching, and designed various classroom interaction activities based on these characteristics. Although the characteristics of teaching different levels of Chinese classes have changed, the principle of "interaction" that every teacher has always adhered to is unchanged. What they show in this book is the design philosophy behind the interaction. They opened their classrooms to show how to teach different grammar points in different ways, and how to guide students to the situation where they can only use the target grammar points in answering the teachers’ questions. In the process of answering questions, they use different communication modes, such as interpretation, substitution, deduction, extension, comparison, etc.  The realm they are trying to achieve is that students can understand the meaning and usage of grammar points as soon as they hear the example sentences, and naturally follow the teacher's targeted practice. In this way, teachers can save a lot of time “explaining”, but “engaging” students in various kinds of interactive activities.

This book hopes to play a role in inspiring the readers, so that they will consciously create some real, communication-oriented classroom teaching activities in their future teaching. This book also hopes that our students will no longer be scared of learning Chinese and be defeated by the difficulty of Chinese.  Instead students can learn Chinese efficiently in a relaxed and pleasant classroom atmosphere.

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