The Transformation of Satire: Satirical Fiction in Wartime Chongqing (1937-1945)

Shih, Chia-Ying. (2014) The Transformation of Satire: Satirical Fiction in Wartime Chongqing (1937-1945) (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Unversity of Washington, Seattle.

This dissertation investigates the development of satirical fiction published in wartime (1937-1945) Chongqing and its influence on the subsequent development of Chinese satirical fiction. Through the examination of newspapers and literary periodicals published in Chongqing, it identifies the wartime period as a turning point in the politicization of Chinese satirical fiction. "Politicization" here indicates the narrowing of satirical fiction from a range of different cultural, social and political issues to a more dominant concern with political problems. Writers use satire to expose various aspects of government problems or to express their discontent toward political authority. The extent to which writers reflect the expectation of reform from a political system which might self-correct should be judged from the political and social context in which they write and their attitude toward the authority.

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