HINDI 324 A: Advanced Hindi Third Year: Drama

Spring 2024
WF 1:30pm - 3:20pm / FSH 108
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Joint Sections:
HINDI 524 A , URDU 524 A , HINDI 317 A , URDU 324 A
Syllabus Description (from Canvas):

Hindi Popular Songs

Discussion and analysis of popular songs from movies, folk, devotional, seasonal, and festival songs within their cultural context with attention to rhetoric and aesthetics. 

Still from 2001 movie Lagaan

Explore the world of Bollywood cinema through the energetic songs that define the genre in this 3-credit class. Students will listen to popular songs from Hindi-language movies, discuss their lyrics and cultural references, and discuss how they fit–or don't fit–into their movies. Songs will be selected from the films featured in the Spring 2024 HSTAS 317/ JSISA 317 History by Bollywood course.

Prerequisite: basic speaking and reading proficiency in Hindi

Contact instructor for permission: hpauwels@uw.edu

Catalog Description:
Development of drama in Hindi, with readings of representative texts and discussion of historical and cultural contexts. Prerequisite: HINDI 203.
GE Requirements Met:
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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