The Origins of the South Korean Film Renaissance Conference

Submitted by Amanda Kristine Burks on
Adjunct Prof. Yomi Braester presents his paper "Save the Green Planet as a Response to the Diversification of South Korean Media"
Prof. Heekyoung Cho presents her paper "Transmedia Translation: From Comics to Film"
Prof. Ungsan Kim presents his paper "Faceless Cinema: Crisis and the Emergence of Critical Queer Cinema in the 1990s and Beyond"
Prof. Chris Hamm moderates discussions for the panel "Language, Media, and Translation"
A post-screening Q&A session with director Kim Dong-ryung moderated by Prof. Ungsan Kim

The Origins of the South Korean Film Renaissance Conference, a UW-Lingnan joint conference, was held at M+ in Hong Kong on Nov 02-04, 2023. The conference is co-organized by Asian L&L Assistant Professor Ungsan Kim and Lingan University's Associate Professor Sangjoon Lee. A comprehensive conference dedicated to the South Korean film culture of the 1990s and 2000s, the event invited 33 speakers and chairs, including Asian L&L Professor Chris Hamm, Associate Professor Heekyoung Cho, Assistant Professor Ungsan Kim, and Adjunct Professor Yomi Braester. The 3-day-long conference consisted of 8 paper panels with 23 speakers, a critics' roundtable, a film screening and discussion, and a keynote by Kim Hong-joon, the director of Korean Film Archive.

For the detailed program of the conference, refer to the following link: