Departmental Faculty Shine Brightly in UW's Interdisciplinary Honors Program

Submitted by Dale Hunter on
Prof. Heidi Pauwels, who will be teaching an Honors course on Indian literature in the Spring of 2017.

In 2016-17, four faculty members in Asian Languages & Literature are offering courses in the University of Washington's prestigious Interdisciplinary Honors program. The disproportionate representation of departmental faculty members (four out of a total of nine courses in the Honors 210 Humanities group) is a sign of the quality of their teaching and of the broad appeal of the subject matter.

In Autumn, Prof. Jennifer Dubrow teaches "Fairies, Genies, and Monsters: The Romance in India", and Prof. Ted Mack offers "Film and Modern Japan". Senior Lecturer Prem Pahlajrai will teach the Winter quarter course "Karma and Free Will in Indian Philosophy," and in the Spring Prof. Heidi Pauwels shall offer a course on Indian literature titled, "Rāmāyana in Comparative Perspective". A fifth member of the department's faculty, Prof. Zev Handel, is currently serving a term on the Honors Faculty Council, an advisory board for the program.

For more information on the Interdisciplinary Honors program, pleave visit its webpage.