Chinese Add Codes & Wait Lists

First review the general policies on Add Codes & Wait Lists

Classical Chinese

To obtain an add code for Classical Chinese (CHIN 451) please contact the instructor.

Modern Chinese

1) If you are currently enrolled in a Chinese class, ask your instructor about add codes.

2) If you have:

  • completed a Chinese Language Placement Survey; AND
  • completed a subsequent interview with the Chinese language faculty; AND
  • obtained a class recommendation, THEN

... request an add code from the instructor who conducted your interview for the recommended class (if space is available). This can be completed as early as one week prior to open registration for the quarter the class is offered.

3) Otherwise, go to the Chinese Placement Page.

We regret that non-matriculated students will not be considered for modern Chinese language classes at the first- through third-year level, with the exception of summer courses.