Chinese Flagship

Reach certified professional-level Chinese proficiency alongside globally engaged students from different majors.
Gain access to exclusive scholarship opportunities for  summer immersive study abroad programs.
Join students, faculty, and tutors in engaging cultural preparation through experiential learning events.

UW Chinese Flagship Program

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The UW Chinese Flagship Program is an accelerator for globally engaged students to reach professional-level Chinese language proficiency. Designed to complement undergraduate studies in any major, Chinese Flagship provides students with individualized language instruction and experiential learning abroad.

We prepare students with regional interests for global careers.

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Most commonly asked questions

1. Is enrolling in Chinese Flagship required for taking Chinese classes or declaring a Chinese major/minor?

No, the Chinese Flagship program is an optional program for undergraduates seeking to reach professional-level proficiency during their time at UW. Flagship students work towards more than just their degrees—they share a common goal of qualifying for and completing the Flagship yearlong Capstone study abroad program. The UW Chinese Flagship program provides program-specific advising, exclusive scholarship opportunities, and a cohesive experience in support of this goal. Some of the course requirements for applying to Capstone overlap with the Chinese major/minor, and while many of our students are working towards a Chinese BA or minor, the degrees and the Flagship program are separate.   

2. Can students from majors other than Chinese or Asian Languages and Cultures enroll in the Chinese Flagship program? 

Yes, we welcome students from all majors! In fact, around half of our students are STEM majors, and many of them are double majors in a STEM field and Chinese. Our students have different interests and goals, but they all share a commitment to achieving professional-level proficiency in  Chinese. 

3. How will enrolling in Chinese Flagship and participating in its affiliated study abroad programs affect my timeline to graduation? 

Depending on what level of Chinese you begin at when you join the program and your chosen major(s) and minor(s), it may take up to five years to complete both the Flagship program’s yearlong Capstone study abroad program and your graduation requirements. Students typically apply to the Capstone program in early winter after they completed CHIN 213/303 and a summer intensive study program in spring and summer respectively. Depending on your individual pathway to graduation, Capstone year may be planned as a third, fourth, or fifth year. The important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot graduate prior to Capstone.

4. Are there extra classes I have to enroll in to participate in the Chinese Flagship program?

We do not have hard course requirements as we are an optional program. However, there are pre-Capstone qualifying guidelines that serve as soft requirements for our students working towards being admitted to the Capstone program. These include CHIN 411/412/413, CHIN 451/452, and at least one modern Chinese literature, history, politics, or culture class (we recommend CHIN 385/463).

5. Are there minimum GPA requirements to be eligible for a Chinese Flagship scholarship?

Our program application asks for a minimum 3.25 GPA in its applicant eligibility guidelines and we evaluate scholarship applications based on more than just your overall GPA. We take into consideration your academic performance in Chinese language classes, Chinese content courses, and your demonstrated commitment to completing the Flagship Capstone program.