Student Spotlight: Ying-Hsiu Chou and Images of Women in Chinese Detective Films

Submitted by Elizabeth F Self on

Ying-Hsiu Chou’s "Deconstructing the Construction: The Female Images in Chinese Detective Films, 2010-2020" – a digital humanities project developed with support from the Simpson Center for the Humanities and the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington as well as the National Endowment for the Humanities – is a videographic essay that explores the image of women in the most popular, influential Chinese detective films in this past decade.

This project centers critical feminist praxis to make an ethnographic inquiry into Chinese cinema through videographic criticism. It not only closely analyzes cinematic works across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan but also looks into their production and reception among Sinophone communities. By creating non-linear narration, ramified viewpoints, and associative thoughts, her work hopes to jar people into thinking about the female images in the Chinese detective film in a new way.

To learn more, please take a look at her project for yourself!