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Students translate personal testimonies from survivors of the March 3, 2011 triple disaster in Sendai, Japan

Submitted by Jennifer A. Miller on August 21, 2020 - 11:13am
Sendai after the earthquake, tsunami flooding, and nuclear disaster

In autumn 2019, students of Professor Justin Jesty's JAPAN 431 class decided to put their language skills to work by translating personal accounts of the March 11, 2011 triple disasters in Sendai, Japan into English. The Center for Remembering 3.11 has been collecting photos and personal stories from those affected by the massive earthquake, tsunami, and major nuclear accident from that day. The students collaborated in translating these testimonies, working under the name, University of Washington Translation Project. Since Professor Jesty's JAPAN 431 focuses on contemporary advanced Japanese grammar and vocabulary, translating these modern, emotional stories was a great way for students to apply their language expertise.

You can read both translated stories from The Center for Remembering 3.11 website, below. 

There Was a Period of Time When I Had Quit. But Sometimes Now and Then I Still Take Pictures in the Same Places

Being Unable to Get Food Gave Me an Opportunity to Think About My Life Up Until Then

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