Graduate students collaborate and share ideas at the annual Asian L&L Graduate Student Colloquium

Submitted by Jennifer A. Miller on

The annual Asian Languages and Literature Graduate Student Colloquium took place on May 18th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Traditionally, the Graduate Student Colloquium is designed for Asian L&L students to get together and share ideas with graduate students from other departments, and practice presenting their work in a friendly, supportive environment. It is a great opportunity for students to not only to learn from each other, but also to network and meet students studying similar topics from across campus.

This year there were twelve presenters; three from other universities.The presenters include: Grainger Lanneau, Qichen Zhong (from University of Victoria), John Carlyle, Arden Taylor, Nathaniel Bond, Lilian Higashikata (from University of British Columbia), Dylan Plung (from UW Jackson School), Monica Twork (from UW Jackson School), Clay Chou (from University of Oregon), Benjamin DeTora, Michael Butcher, and Julia Chatterjee. The event was organized primarily by Kisaki Takeuchi with the help of Rie Tsujihara, Nobuko Horikawa, Benjamin Burton, and Amanda Schiano di Cola.