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Japanese Teaching Assistant Applicants


Any applicant for a Japanese TA position who is a non-native speaker of Japanese (according to the University of Washington’s definition of native speaker, as defined here, under "English as second language") is highly recommended (although not required) to take the proctored ACTFL OPI test for non-native speakers of Japanese.

To take the ACTFL OPI in Japanese (the oral test only; the WPT is not required):

  1. if you are in the Seattle area you can contact the Office of Educational Assesment on the UW campus.
  2. if you are not in the area you should visit for information on testing times and locations.

Non-Seattle based applicants may take either:

  1. the Official ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) or
  2. the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer (OPIc).

Information on fees, how to prepare for the test, etc., is available at the site. Students must have the test officially proctored. 

Because scheduling and scoring take some time, the committee will consider applications without the OPI score while we await your results. Final decision on these applications will be made once the OPI score arrives. If you plan to submit an OPI score, please attach a note to the front of your application stating the status of the scheduling of your test.

OPI testees should arrange for their OPI score to be sent directly to the department, to the Academic Counselor's attention at