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Classical Japanese News and Events

  • Guests at the Ross Henderson lecture reception
  • Ross Henderson
  • Ross Henderson and Professor Paul Atkins
  • Ross Henderson speaks at the podium
  • Guests at Washinkai Lecture
  • Guests at Washinkai Lecture
  • Organizer of Washinkai Lecture
  • Guests at Washinkai Lecture
  • Guests at Washinkai Lecture
  • Washin Kai Lecture
  • Professor Paul Atkins giving Washin Kai Lecture
  • Washin Kai Lecture
  • Washin Kai committee members with Professor Atkins

The first Washin Kai - Japan Foundation Graduate Fellowship awarded at the Department of Asian Languages and Literature convocation ceremony

The 2019 Washin Kai - Japan Foundation Graduate Fellowship was awarded to Ross Henderson, Ph.D. candidate in Japanese Literature and Culture.  With this generous fellowship, Ross plans to use this year to continue writing his dissertation, pursuing publication, and planning a research trip to Japan.  

When delivering the award, Consul General Yoichiro Yamada recited a celebratory waka-style poem:
「喜べば 喜びごとが 喜んで 喜び集めて 喜びに来る。」
Roughly translated to, "If you are joyful, joys will get together and visit you."

Lecture at UW Converge Tokyo by Professor Paul Atkins

On November 17, 2018, Professor of Japanese Paul Atkins delivered a talk entitled, “Making It New in Medieval Japanese Poetry,” at UW Converge Tokyo.

UW Converge aims to connect international alumni to the UW’s leadership, knowledge, resources and networks. 

Watch the video of Professor Atkins' speech: 

Japanese Language and Literature Program receives Japanese Foreign Minister's 2018 Commendation

On November 13, 2018, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs honored the Japanese Language and Literature Program, Department of Asian Languages and Literature with a 2018 commendation for its outstanding contributions to the promotion of education and research about Japan in the U.S.  

Asian Languages and Literature embodies this spirit of global connection and collaboration.

Starting in 1910 with a course on classical Japanese literature, the UW Department of Asian Language and Literature has been instrumental in the development and expansion of Japanese studies in the Pacific Northwest and across the U.S. The department also has long-standing collaborations with world-class Japanese universities, creating opportunities for faculty, students and staff to engage across barriers of culture and language.

Our goal is continue fostering this strong relationship between the university and Japan.

Professor Atkins interviewed in the North American Post

Professor Paul Atkins was interviewed by Bruce Rutledge from the North American Post about the early career choices that led him to focus on Japanese poetry and the poet, Fujiwara no Teika. 

To read the full interview in English from the North American Post, click here.   

To read the interview in Japanese on the Soy Source website, click here.