China Studies Librarian Lucy Li Pens Latest Northwest Asian Weekly Article

Submitted by Ben Rost on

Lucy Li, Interim China Studies Librarian at the Tateuchi East Asia Library (TEAL), has written the latest article for the Northwest Asian Weekly's quarterly op-ed series featuring contributions from faculty, students, and affiliates of the Department of Asian Languages & Literature. In her article, titled "To thrive, libraries must jointly harness human and artificial intelligence," Librarian Li describes how artificial intelligence (AI), far from rendering subject matter expertise obsolete, instead has the potential to enhance collaboration across libraries, academic disciplines, and community members. By incorporating AI into collection management, public services, and research, libraries like TEAL -- and librarians like Li -- are working to continually seek out ways to improve the world-class services that they offer to diverse publics, from students and scholars to community members in Seattle and around the world. 

The first op-ed in this Northwest Asian Weekly series, titled "This AAPI month, let's not forget Seattle's ultraminorities," was written in May 2023 by AL&L's Professor Nazry Bahrawi. Professor Zev Handel wrote the second article in the series in January 2024, titled "The growth of Southeast Asian and Korean programs at the UW."