Korean Cybersecurity Summer Camp Combines Cybersecurity with Korean Language Instruction

Submitted by Kirk L. Van Scoyoc on

EunYoung Won, Associate Teaching Professor of Korean, and SeaHee Choi, Assistant Teaching Professor of Korean, participated in the UW GenCyber Korean Cybersecurity Summer Camp, as lead instructor and instructor, respectively. The program was hosted by UW Language Learning Center, and was funded by the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation (total grant of $117,190). As the first GenCyber camp focused on Korean culture and language, this dual language stem camp was developed to allow high school students in the US to become familiarized with the principles of cyber security while learning and improving their Korean language skills. The program consisted of two weeks of pre-camp (semi-synchronous) and one week of in-person camp; both were successfully completed with full enrollments. The camp participants enjoyed learning through various lectures and hands-on activities (in Korean and English) related to cybersecurity, as well as guest speakers from Microsoft, Doosan Corporation, and the NSA.