Alumni Dr. Christopher L. Diamond Launches ANUBhasha Project (अनुभाषा)

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Our department alumnus, Dr. Christopher L. Diamond, and his colleague at Australian National University Dr. Stephanie Majcher have launched a new initiative, called the ANUBhasha project (अनुभाषा). With ANU funding support, they have also launched a companion website, where you can find their work on Gandhāran materials:

As a companion to these digital projects, they are also running an innovative online Flagship event program titled  "Identity & Ways of Knowing – CHL Flagship Project 2021". Faculty member Dr. Marino is also participating in this event.

This event is hosted by the School of Culture, History & Language at Australian National University. This is an online-only event that includes pre-recorded keynote speeches and post-event online discussions. These multiple modes of engagement should create a lasting impact in which collaborators at ANU and further afield can interact over a longer period of time.

Find more information and register here:

Organizers: Chris Diamond & Stephanie Majcher

Event Description:

"The scholars that call the School of Culture, History & Language (CHL) home are unique in the variety and depth of the research on Asia & the Pacific. This flagship is dedicated to answering several questions: How can we harness our unique intellectual ecosystem and drive Australian conversations on our region forward? How does this environment shape us as individual educators and researchers? How can we think about language (in research and teaching) as a method of deeper engagement with culture?

These questions engage many of our disparate fields and regions of study together on the theme of Identity & Ways of Knowing. We are hoping for this extended conversation to engage members of the CHL community that might got regularly get the chance to work with their colleagues outside of their individual disciplines or regional areas of study. We are keen for CHL to lead the national Australian conversation on this topic and position itself as the intellectual home for this conversation."

(Please note that the website lists event times in ACT (GMT+11) (the time in Canberra, Australia). When converted to PST, the events detailed above take place 4-9pm on Wednesday, November 3 and 4-9pm on Thursday,  November 4.)