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Calligraphy event and demonstration by renowned calligrapher Ustàd Ali Rouhfar

Submitted by Jennifer A. Miller on June 11, 2019 - 9:36am
presenter shows Urdu calligraphy

Renowned calligrapher Ustàd Ali Rouhfar visited UW Urdu students on May 3, 2019. In this one-day calligraphy workshop he gave an overview on the development and salient features of different styles of Urdu, Persian and Arabic calligraphy such as Kufi, Nashk, Tuluth and Nastaliq. Students learned the basic movements, measurements and strokes of Kufic and Nastaliq. Ustàd Ali Rouhfar invited students to copy the words and phrases he wrote. Then he checked students writing and gave feedback. The workshop, coordinated by UW Urdu instructor Dr. Jameel Ahmad, was also attended by Persian students from NELC. Ustàd Ali Rouhfar gives lessons for all levels and styles of Urdu, Persian and Arabic calligraphy. The names of recent certificate recipients were announced.

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