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72nd Dhammachai Fellowship Announcement

Submitted by Curtis A. Dye on August 1, 2014 - 1:56pm

72th Dhammachai Fellowship for Gāndhārī Studies

at the University of Washington


Description of the Fellowship

The Department of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington, announces the inception of the 72th Dhammachai Fellowship, sponsored by the Dhammachai International Research Institute. This fellowship will be offered to a qualified applicant to the graduate program in Buddhist Studies in the Department of Asian Languages and Literature whose studies will focus on research on Buddhist texts in Gāndhārī under the auspices of the department's Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project. The fellowship will offer a guarantee of    three years of full support, plus two further years conditional on satisfactory progress.

The Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project

The Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project was founded in 1996 to promote the study and publication of newly discovered Buddhist manuscripts in the Gāndhārī language, dating from the first century b.c.e. to the third century c.e. The manuscripts contain a wide variety of Buddhist texts and genres including sūtra, avadāna, commentaries and abhidharma or scholastic treatises. For further information, please see project's website at      

Prerequisites for the Fellowship

The holder of the 72th Dhammachai Fellowship will be expected to pursue original research on one or more Gāndhārī manuscripts. The holder will need to have an appropriate background in Buddhist Studies and knowledge of at least one of the relevant languages, including Sanskrit, Pali, and Chinese. Previous knowledge of the Gāndhārī language is not required, but will be a focus of the awardee's studies in the first few years in the program. 

Application procedure

Applicants for the fellowship will submit a standard application to the GraduateSchool of the University of Washington (due December 15, 2014), designating the graduate program in Buddhist Studies in the Department of Asian Languages and Literature. In addition, they must separately fill in the application for the 72th Dhammachai Fellowship, due on January 15, 2015. Application forms will be found at



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