Hired! - What Some of Our Recent Japanese Majors Are Doing

Submitted by Curtis A. Dye on

Here’s What Some of Our Recent Japanese Language Majors Are Doing:

Teaching in Japan:

  • Assistant Language Teacher at Hirosaki Board of Education (JET Program)
  • Assistant Language Teacher (English language teacher) for Joytalk Corporation in Japan
  • Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) at Kobe City Board of Education
  • Assistant Language Teacher at Kure City Board of Education
  • English instructor in public Junior High Schools and Elementary schools for the Osaka Board of Education

Business, Communications, Localization, Translation, and Non-Profit Cultural:

  • Brand manager on the Playstation software marketing team at Sony (Foster City, CA)
  • Claims Data Assistant at Trupanion Pet Insurance
  • Corporate Communications at JSR Corporation
  • Developer at Healtho
  • Enrollment Services Coordinator at Associates in Cultural Exchange
  • Employee at Suntory Japan
  • Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance at Cerego Japan
  • Seller Support Associate at Amazon
  • Editorial work for a Japanese bilingual newspaper
  • International Project Manager at VMC
  • Investigations Specialist (Temp) at Amazon / Freelance Translator at YKS Services
  • Localization Quality Assurance Project Manager at Zynga, a leading social gaming company in Silicon Valley
  • English Localization at Cygames / Standard Translator at myGengo.com
  • Localizing the English websites (Allrecipes.com and LinkedIn.com) to Japanese
  • Technical writer for a barcode scanner manufacturing company
  • Translation (internal documents, presentations, etc.), interpreting (for producers/creators in media interviews) and marketing at Capcom USA (Street Fighter, Resident Evil, etc.)
  • Translation/editing for fashion publications in Japan
  • Translator for a fashion import company
  • Working for a Japan-founded IT (web and email hosting) company based in the United States