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Friends of Sanskrit

Sanskrit text and red flower in the middle
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The Sanskrit language is the key to a storehouse of information about the world and the human experience recorded over more than 3,000 years in South Asia. It is the language in which the Vedas were composed in the second millennium B.C.E., and is still used today as the language of religion and scholarship. It is also the parent of the modern Indo-Aryan languages of north and central India, including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and many others.

Sanskrit has been taught at UW for over 100 years, and the Department of Asian Languages and Literature has long been a world-renowned center for Sanskrit studies. However, in the wake of several retirements and a lack of dedicated funding to renew the program, the future of Sanskrit at UW is in jeopardy.

Friends of Sanskrit at UW was formed in 2018 to ensure continued instruction in Sanskrit at UW and to help connect the local community with UW’s Sanskrit programming. The Friends of Sanskrit at UW fund supports a full-time Sanskrit lecturer, who offers all levels of the language as well as courses on various aspects of Sanskritic culture and literature.  

To learn more about the Sanskrit language, upcoming course offerings at UW, and how to donate and become a Friend of Sanskrit, follow the links in the menu. You can also follow Friends of Sanskrit on Twitter to stay up to date on events and announcements.