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Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Cosmopolitan Soirées in Eighteenth-Century North India: Reception of early Urdu Poetry in Kishangarh.  (2014) Heidi Pauwels South Asian, Urdu, Poetry and Poetics
The Realism Debate and the Politics of Modern Art in Early Postwar Japan (2014) Justin Jesty Japanese, 20th Century, Art History, History, Intellectual History, Visual Arts
Observations on the Deorkothar Inscriptions and Their Significance for the Evaluation of Buddhist Historical Traditions. (2014) Richard G. Salomon, Joseph A. Marino, III Buddhist Studies, South Asian, Pali and the Prakrits
Monosugoshi article (2013) Paul S. Atkins Japanese, Premodern Asian Studies, Medieval
"Object Relative Clauses in Archaic Chinese."  (2013) Edith Aldridge Chinese, Linguistics
"Survey of Chinese Historical Syntax: Middle Chinese." (2013) Edith Aldridge Chinese, Linguistics
"Survey of Chinese Historical Syntax: Pre-Archaic and Archaic Chinese." (2013) Edith Aldridge Linguistics
"Wh-clefts and Verb-initial Word Order in Austronesian Languages." (2013) Edith Aldridge Linguistics
"Analysis and Value of Hentai Kambun as Japanese." (2013) Edith Aldridge Linguistics
Evo suyadi: Essays in Honor of Richard Salomon's 65th Birthday (2013) Michael C. Shapiro, Collett Cox, Tim Lenz Buddhist Studies, South Asian, Pali and the Prakrits, Sanskrit
Towards an Architecture of Text: On the Architexture of Written Japanese (2013) Christopher J. Lowy Japanese, Architecture, Literary Criticism, Visual Culture, Writing Systems
"When a Sufi tells about Krishna’s Doom: The Case of Kanhavat" (2013) Heidi Pauwels South Asian
"Book Review of Pak Kyŏng-ni, Land." (2013) Heekyoung Cho Korean
"Imagined, Transcultural, and Colonial Spaces in Print: Newspaper serialization of Translated Novels in Colonial Korea" (2013) Heekyoung Cho Korean, 20th Century, Culture, Global and Transnational Studies, Translation and Interpretation
The Age of Courtly Writing: Wen xuan Compiler Xiao Tong (501-531) and His Circle (2012) Ping Wang Chinese, Medieval, Poetry and Poetics
“Chōheimen-ka shita nihongo de no komyunikēshon ni tsuite: tojikomoru nihon no hihyō.” (On Communication In a Hyperflattend Japanese Language: Japanese Criticisim and Introversion) (2012) Christopher J. Lowy Japanese, Literary Criticism, Popular Culture, Visual Culture, Writing Systems
"Focus and Archaic Chinese Word Order" (2012) Edith Aldridge Linguistics
"PPs and Applicatives in Late Archaic Chinese" (2012) Edith Aldridge Linguistics
"Event Existentials in Tagalog" (2012) Edith Aldridge Linguistics
"Antipassive and Ergativity in Tagalog" (2012) Edith Aldridge Linguistics
Indian Satire in the Period of First Modernity (2012) Heidi Pauwels South Asian, 16th Century, 17th Century, 18th Century
"Tokyo 1960: Days of Rage and Grief Hamaya Hiroshi’s Photos of the Anti-Security-Treaty Protests" (2012) Justin Jesty Japanese, 20th Century, History, Visual Culture
Shiatoru-ban Nihongo tokuhon (2012) Ted Mack Japanese, Second Language Acquisition, Textual Studies
"Dhammakāya in the Pali Canon" (2012) Chanida Jantrasrisalai Pali and the Prakrits
"Making Mercury Visible: the Minamata documentaries of Tsuchimoto Noriaki" (2011) Justin Jesty Japanese, Disability, Ecocriticism, Film/Cinema, History