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alumni spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Professionals who graduate from the University of Washington's Department of Asian Languages and Literature with graduate degrees have become respected leaders in their fields. The department would like to currently recognize the following notable graduate alumni:  Dr. Fusae Ekida graduated from the Japanese PhD program in summer quarter 2009 after working with Professor Paul Atkins. Dr. Ekida... Continue reading
2015 New Graduate Students

Meet our New Graduate Students 2015

This autumn, five new graduate students entered the Asian Languages and Literature graduate program. One came to study Chinese modern literature, one Buddhist Studies, two Japanese linguistics, and one modern Japanese literature. They have very diverse backgrounds, and come to us by way of Oglethorpe University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Ritsumeikan... Continue reading
Survey of Modern Hindi/Urdu Literature: Drama


HINDI/URDU 424/524 Survey of Modern Hindi/Urdu Literature: Drama SLN 15166 Winter 2016, TTh 10:30-12:20 3/5 credits I&S/VLPA Instructor: Heidi Pauwels This course studies the modern Hindi-Urdu theatrical tradition that has developed in North India since the mid-nineteenth century. We trace its evolution from a strong reformist phase during the colonial period to... Continue reading


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