Proficiency & Placement Exams

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If you have already been placed in a language class and need an add code or wish to check on the status of a wait list, go to the Add Codes and Wait Lists page.

Proficiency or Placement?

Proficiency Exams measure your ability in a language and are used to satisfy or waive language requirements. Proficiency Exams are NOT used to determine what level of language course you should be taking. NO CREDITS are given for taking these exams. Proficiency exams test what students are expected to know after one year of university-level language instruction.

The department does not offer proficiency exams to those outside the University (e.g., high-school students seeking admission, prospective students, extension students, etc.); neither does it offer testing in languages not in our curriculum.

Placement Exams and Interviews determine which level of language course is appropriate for your background and ability. Placement tests CANNOT be used to waive language requirements. NO CREDIT are given for taking these exams.

After you have determined which type of exam you need, find your language below and follow the instructions.

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