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Travel Grant Awadees


Awardee: Yingying Sun
Destination: Western Branch American Oriental Society Annual Meeting, Victoria, B.C.
Dates: October 3rd through October 5th
Paper Abstract:

On the Song Coda in Dunhuang Manuscript P.2005

 Dunhuang manuscript P.2005 is a Tang period historical-geographical manuscript concerninng medieval Shazhou (modern Dunhuang). At the end of this manuscript is a long four-syllable song praising the great achievement of Empress Wu. The song, according to the manuscript itself, was written by local commoners and collected by officials to present to the court. This paper will examine the layout and literary structure of the song, including its rhyming patterns, which seemingly conform to the Qieyun phonological system. This paper will also explore the links between the content of the song and the historical, linguistic and cultural aspects of Shazhou in the Tang dynasty.