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Qian Lin

Doctoral Candidate in Buddhist Studies


M.A. in Buddhist Studies, 2004. Bristol University, UK.
M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, 1996. Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Research Interests

  • Early Buddhist texts and history
  • Philological studies of texts in Pāli, Sanskrit, Gāndhārī, and Chinese
  • Theravāda and Sarvāstivāda Abhidharma literature and philosophy systems
  • Buddhist Philosophy of mind and related issues in Western philosophy, Cognitive and Neurosciences


Research Projects

  • The intermediate-state (antarābhava) dispute among Abhidharma traditions and the list of non-returners (anāgāmin)
  • The concept of mind-made body (manomayakāya)
  • Understanding Buddhist enlightenment (bodhi) in terms of cognitive and neurosciences.
  • Buddhist models of mind and mental factors

Awards and Recognitions

  • Asian Languages and Literature Recruitment Fellowship (2006-2008)
  • Textual Studies Award, University of Washington (2007)


Lin, Qian. "The antarābhava dispute among Abhidharma traditions and the list of anāgāmins." Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies. Volume 34, Number 1–2, 2011 (2012) pp. 149–186.


Conference Presentations

  • “Buddhist Mind Models and Meanings of Mind-words.” Abhidharma conference, January 18, 2014. Mangalam Centers, Berkeley.
  • “What is Buddhist Enlightenment? —A cognitive approach to Bodhi.” American Philosophical Association Eastern Division 110th Annual Meeting, December 28, 2013. Baltimore.
  • “Making sense of mind in early Buddhist Abhidharma.” American Philosophical Association Pacific Division 87th Annual Meeting, March 29, 2013. San Francisco.
  • “Buddhist Saints, Ghosts, and the History of Texts.” Society for Textual Scholarship 2009 International Conference, March 19, 2009, New York.
  • “The antarābhava Dispute among Abhidharma Traditions: The Interpretation of antarāparinirvāyin.” XVth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, June 24, 2008, Atlanta.