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Julia Chatterjee (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student in South Asian Studies
Julia Chatterjee

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B.A., South Asian Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania, 2017

Julia Chatterjee, a Philadelphia local, received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania in South Asian Studies and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and currently pursues her MA in South Asian Studies at the University of Washington. Her research explores patterns of socio-cultural interactions and influence within the Indo-Iranian borderland during the early historic period (500BCE - 300CE). Her current research methods rely primarily on epigraphic material, Indo-Iranian languages and their contemporary writing systems. Her previous research includes translating a 4th century Sanskrit dream omen text and analyzing its potential relationship to Mesopotamia dream omen literature, as well as a comparative study of political rhetoric employed by Achaemenid, Mauryan, and Kushana emperors.