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People - Faculty

Please Note: Faculty and TAs do not hold office hours during Finals Week and Quarter Breaks.

Professor Bhowmik photo
Associate Professor / 206-543-4699
Office Hours: On leave
GWN M239
Teaching Professor / 206-543-6931
GWN M229
Assistant Teaching Professor, Summer Quarter Coordinator / 206-543-8657
GWN 212
Akiko Iwata photo
Assistant Teaching Professor / 206-543-6628
GWN 244
JungHee Kim photo
Associate Teaching Professor / 206-543-7487
GWN 239
Teaching Professor, Japanese Language Coordinator / 206-543-0066
GWN M214
Associate Teaching Professor / 206-543-4995
GWN M225
Associate Teaching Professor / 206-543-6936
GWN 246
Teaching Professor, Southeast Asian Program Coordinator / 206-543-9170
GWN M248
Assistant Teaching Professor
GWN 229
EY Won
Associate Teaching Professor, Korean Language Coordinator / 206-543-4202
GWN M235
Teaching Professor / 206-685-0394
GWN 214

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone
Aldridge, Edith Adjunct Associate Professor; Associate Professor of Linguistics
Braester, Yomi Adjunct Professor; Professor of Comparative Literature
Lien, Y. Edmund Affiliate Assistant Professor, Chinese Literature
Novetzke, Christian Adjunct Professor